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Ultra Hot Deluxe Review

In the modern world of online gambling, application developers find it increasingly difficult to surprise experienced players with unusual innovations. The number of game lines is growing every year and it has long been the norm to increase them to 50 pieces, which gives players unlimited possibilities for maneuvering bet. What to say about the plot, when many slots can give odds to many modern games on the Internet.



Strength of simplicity

Today, in any major South African online casino, such as, for example, Africasino, it is fashionable to meet dozens of similar games. And their number is updated literally every week, replenished with new products from the world of gambling. However, there are times when all this is simply not necessary. When all you need from a gaming machine is maximum simplicity, when you can deal with the functionality in a matter of seconds, and the bonus system is intuitive at first glance.

Many players, looking at modern innovations, remember with nostalgia slots with 3 reels and the same number of gaming lines that were fashionable to meet even before the appearance of an online casino. The development from Novomatic - Ultra Hot Deluxe was designed for this user.

Symbols and play lines

            In terms of its functionality, this is a traditional “one-armed gangster” transferred to the world of online gambling advertising. He does not promise multi-million winnings; however, with sufficient luck and attentive play with stakes, practically everyone will be able to get his “bird in the hand” here. In Ultra Hot Deluxe you will find only a few symbols - stars, sevens, plums, lemons and, of course, classic cherries. This is not surprising, because the slot offers only 3 reels and the same number of game lines.

On the one hand, lovers of complex multi-pass combinations are not overclocked here, but winning are much easier. Meanwhile, the maximum multiplier of the rate in Ultra Hot Deluxe is not that small. With a good deal, your initial rate can be increased 750 times. Agree, not so bad, putting, for example, a dollar, get a gain of $ 750, actual, having fun with a simple slot? Additional features In Ultra Hot Deluxe there are no bonus rounds and the corresponding game mode. But there was a place for a risk game, where you need to correctly guess the card suit. In this case, everything is also quite simple: your chances are 50/50 and, if successful, the rate increases exactly twice.

If you fail, the casino gets all the money. In conclusion, I was pleased with the automatic game mode. Practice shows that you cannot win fabulous sums on it, but it is fashionable to remain in the game for a long time at small bets. It’s another nice moment for those who prefer the notorious "bird in the hand." Irish players and the entire international community will certainly appreciate this game. The symbiosis of simplicity and interesting gameplay allows you to enjoy every moment spent in the game.